Dog training tips — bark collar

Should I Use An Anti-Bark Collar For My Puppy?

Oct 30 2021 0 Comments bark collar puppy

Learn more about whether or not you should use an anti-bark collar for a small dog and how it helps improve your overall training.

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Bark Collar. Make your dog polite

Nov 02 2020 2 Comments bark collar basics tips

It is natural for all dogs to bark as it is the only way to talk or communicate with other animals and us. However, while it is normal for dogs to bark, some of them can bark really loud. What’s worst is that they might bark at everything! While it is good that the dog barks at intruders, it is not ok if he constantly barks at the neighbor or even barking at home even when there is absolutely no need for that. This may cause rifts in the house as well as rifts between you and your neighbors. Just...

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Difference between bark collar and training collar

Mar 28 2019 3 Comments bark collar basics using e-collar

When owners try to buy collars for their dog for training, they are usually stumped by the different terminology that is presented to them. Owners might be confused between the differences that exist between the bark collar as well as the training collar. Let's dive deeper and learn the difference.

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