Dog training tips — basics

How long can my dog wear the E-collar

Feb 03 2020 4 Comments basics dog care safety using e-collar

This is one of the more frequent questions from the dog owners. For those who use the e-collar for their dog, the most important thing they should be aware of is that the e-collar is a training device. It should be used only for training sessions and the dog can’t wear it 24/7. Below you can find several things that you will need to be mindful of while using the e-collar for your dog. E-collar size For the training sessions to be effective, you will need to ensure that the size of the e-collar suits your dog perfectly. If it...

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Organizing a training time

Oct 01 2019 2 Comments basics e-collar training step-by-step

It is always good to use an e-collar to train your dog, especially when it comes to teaching him to perform various commands or tricks. But before you even attempt at using the e-collar straight out of the box, there are certain things that you absolutely need to know as it can make or break the entire training session with an e-collar. Don’t rush into using e-collar One common mistake that most owners do is to introduce the e-collar to do the dog right from the start when they receive the e-collar. This is detrimental to the entire training session...

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The difference between yard and field training

Jul 31 2019 1 Comment basics e-collar training

When it comes to training your dog, most owners tend to mix up between training the dog in the yard and training the dog in the field. Both of these have differences and there is a need to properly introduce the difference between both types of areas. Yard Training Whenever you have a dog for the very first time, and you wish to conduct training for him or her, it will be essential to restrict dog's movement as the dog might not be receptive towards your training methods — as such, doing the first few sessions in the yard will...

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How long does it take to train my dog with an e-collar

Jul 01 2019 2 Comments basics e-collar training using e-collar

To determine the time you need for training with an e-collar, you need to know the factors that will help you to understand the successfulness of training sessions with your dog. The dog must be trained enough so that you can confidently take away the e-collar without fear that the dog might rebel against you.   Plan with an end in mind For owners that have read the book 7 habits of highly effective people, you would know that Habit 2 will be “Begin with the end in mind”. It tells us that we should always have a goal that we...

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Difference between bark collar and training collar

Mar 28 2019 3 Comments bark collar basics using e-collar

When owners try to buy collars for their dog for training, they are usually stumped by the different terminology that is presented to them. Owners might be confused between the differences that exist between the bark collar as well as the training collar. Let's dive deeper and learn the difference.

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Preventing a dog from becoming collar wise

Jan 15 2019 4 Comments basics e-collar training mistakes

If your dog is utterly dependent on using an e-collar before they will acknowledge your command, then they are termed as being collar wise. If your dog is collar wise, they will only focus their attention on your controls while the collar in on them. But the moment they are off the e-collar, they pay no heed to your instructions! This is something that is commonly experienced by many dog owners too. How are we able to prevent the problem of the dog being collar wise? At the beginning Some dogs are more intelligent than others. If your dog is...

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The obedience training

Oct 09 2018 5 Comments basics e-collar training obedience

While we know that using a dog training collar is one of the easiest way at which you can teach your dog commands, do you know how to go about doing it exactly? How would you teach commands like come, stay, and down with an e-collar to train your dog?


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At what age should e-collar training start

Sep 20 2018 5 Comments basics puppy tips using e-collar

When it comes to donning e-collars on dogs, more often than not, you will wonder at what age should E-collar training start. This is especially true if you have a puppy. On the most instruction manual for E-collars, they will state that the E-collar should only be used on dogs who are at least 6 months in age. But how true is this, or perhaps there are other guidelines that will determine at what age should e-collar training start? In my personal opinion, the age of the dog should only be a small part of the bigger picture. There are indeed...

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