Dog training tips — mistakes

Top 7 E-collar training mistakes and how to avoid them

Aug 30 2019 3 Comments e-collar training mistakes using e-collar

Here you will find the most common training mistakes that dog owners make when using the e-collar and find out exactly how you can get around problems.

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Preventing a dog from becoming collar wise

Jan 15 2019 4 Comments basics e-collar training mistakes

If your dog is utterly dependent on using an e-collar before they will acknowledge your command, then they are termed as being collar wise. If your dog is collar wise, they will only focus their attention on your controls while the collar in on them. But the moment they are off the e-collar, they pay no heed to your instructions! This is something that is commonly experienced by many dog owners too. How are we able to prevent the problem of the dog being collar wise? At the beginning Some dogs are more intelligent than others. If your dog is...

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