Dog training tips — obedience

Teaching “Place” Command With an E-Collar

Sep 28 2021 0 Comments e-collar training obedience step-by-step

One of the best household commands for a dog is the "Place" command. Whether you need to improve indoor manners or quickly calm your four-legged friend, it will be your lifesaver.  Usually, this training is quite difficult for a dog and time-consuming for a pet owner. But things will change with the use of an e-collar. Teaching the "Place" will become straightforward; all you need is to follow the information below. Let's dive right in! What is the "Place" command In general, the "Place" command is necessary to control the dog's location indoors and outdoors. It shows if your pet...

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Good Manners Around the House

Aug 05 2020 3 Comments barking e-collar training obedience

From our previous articles, we have covered that one of the best ways to negate such bad behavior as counter-surfing and digging is by using a dog training collar. Let us dive a little deeper into this and find out how else can e-collar training help to develop good manners with your dog at home. Random barks While it is normal for dogs to bark, it is not reasonable if the dog barks at everything else, especially during the night! It can be mentally frustrating for you as well as for your neighbors if that happens. Now, it is common...

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Teach Your Hyper Dog to Focus With the Help of an E-collar

Jun 03 2019 3 Comments e-collar training obedience using e-collar

In this article, we bring our attention to hyper dogs that are causing many trainers with issues regarding disobedience to commands given, given that they have a short attention span. When it comes to training these hyper dogs, the owners will always notice that it can be difficult trying to get the dog to focus. The dog will get overly excited by the presence of things that are usually not of over-excitement, they are in a state of chaos. While this is not optimal, it is the same on the other end of the spectrum whereby the dogs are just...

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How to stop your dog jumping up on people using the E-collar

Nov 22 2018 5 Comments e-collar training jumping obedience step-by-step

It is almost the dogs’ nature to jump on their owners when they are excited. While you might love attention, we cannot say the same for other people who are not so well aquatinted with your dog. And there is a need to correct the behaviour of your dog jumping on people, and that can be easily achieved by using PetSpy E-collars. But before we go on how to use the E-collar to correct the behaviour, you will need to understand your dog’s temperament at first. • Why does the dog jump on people? Actually, there are various reasons why dogs...

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The obedience training

Oct 09 2018 5 Comments basics e-collar training obedience

While we know that using a dog training collar is one of the easiest way at which you can teach your dog commands, do you know how to go about doing it exactly? How would you teach commands like come, stay, and down with an e-collar to train your dog?


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Get an E-Collar and Master that “SIT” Command

Aug 24 2018 5 Comments basics e-collar training obedience sit

There is this natural and inherent aspect of our human nature, which is the desire for perfection and ease. Dogs have become an integral part of our being so much so that we want to treat them in the best way we can, have fun with them as well as make sure they stay within a particular threshold. Mainly considering they are just animals and don’t have the will power we do have, it becomes essential to curb their nature to suit your desires. This is where e-collar comes in, it is a device with a wireless remote and wireless...

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