Difference between bark collar and training collar

Mar 28 2019 e-collar training training

Difference between bark collar and training collar

When owners try to buy collars for dogs’ workouts, they are usually stumped by the different terminology presented. In particular, owners might be confused about the differences between the bark collar and the training collar. Each of the mentioned tools has a specific target audience and purpose, and it will be vital for you to know the difference between them before you decide on which type to get.

Bark Collar

PetSpy Bark CollarA bark collar is essentially a device that is specifically designed to distract a pup from barking. In particular, there are three ways on how it works: send out a static stimulation; spray a citronella solution; emit ultrasonic waves.
Most of the time, the bark will be detected before any of the stimuli mentioned above is being administered.

The bark collars are used only for correcting the dog’s behavior, which includes unwarranted barks. They are sometimes used in the military as well as the various K9 units too. However, there is a mixed reaction to the effectiveness of such a tool. Also, note that there isn’t any remote for you to control the intensity levels; hence you are in no control over this.

Training collar

PetSpy Remote Training Collar

They are also known as e-collars, shock collars, or remote collars. The difference with a bark collar is that you can trigger the stimulation from a distance via a remote and choose the stimulus like shock, vibration, or sound. Such a method allows more flexibility in practice the dog and getting to perform various commands that you taught them.

Remote training collars are preferred by most owners since there is more control over the process. The owner or the trainer can control the dog from a distance, and with the different buttons present on the remote, there is a wide variety of training commands to use! It can be employed to correct various types of unwanted behaviors.

From controlling the stimulation intensity to the type of stimulus, it is well equipped to train dogs of all temperaments.


As you can see, the above two types of devices do serve the same purpose: to train or correct an unwanted behavioral trait in the dog. The main difference lies in the fact that the remote training collar allows you to teach the dog from a distance and correct all types of behavior. So, it promotes flexibility while using a bark collar is rigid in operation, and it can only reduce excessive barking.