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The collar strap is adjustable to fit dogs from 10 to 140 pounds. It has a maximum length of 26 inches and a minimum length of 8. Here is a breakdown by dog breeds and average weight:

Size Neck (inches) Chest (inches) Weight (lbs) Breed
Mini 7.8-8.7 9.8-11.8 <10 Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Maltese
Small 7.8-9.4 11.4-14.1 8-17 Jack Russell Terrier, Pekingese, Maltipoo, King Charles Spaniel
Medium 9-11 13.8-16.5 15-35 Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, French Bulldog, Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Medium 11.8-13.4 18.1-20.9 30-65 Bulldog, Standard Poodle, Husky, Pitbull, Dalmatian
Large 17-18.9 29.9-33.1 45-85 Boxer, Labrador Retriever, Schnauzer, Basset Hound
Large 18.5-20.5 34.6-38.2 50-100 German Shepherd, Bull Terrier, Old English Sheepdog
X Large 20.5-24.4 36.2-39.4 75-140 Rottweiler, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland
Huge 24.4-28 36.4-43.0 100-200 St. Bernard, Leonberger, Mastife, Great Dane
Your dog is too small You will have to try it on. Perfect fit - congrats!
Correct ecollar fitting
To ensure effective training and dog safety, you must properly fit the collar on your dog. The collar must fit snugly to allow “contact points” to have direct contact with the skin. Position the receiver unit high up on your dog's neck just below the ears. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar strap and your dog's skin. Too tight poses the risk of skin irritation and discomfort. Too loose and the contact points will not administer the stimulation reliably and can cause skin irritation due to chafing. Cover the contact points with conductive rubber caps to reduce the risk of skin irritation or injury.


CAUTION: E-collars are not designed to be worn constantly. We recommend using the e-collar only under adult supervision and for no longer than 4 hours per day. NEVER attach a leash to an e-collar. Use a separate regular collar if there is a need for a leash.
Yes, you can cut the collar strap to the desired length. Please measure your dog's neck carefully before trimming the collar.
Your pup should be old enough to understand basic commands. So, your dog should be at least 5-6 months old.
No, this can result in pulling the contact points too tightly against your dog's neck, causing the injury. Use a separate collar when needed.
Longer contact points are required for dogs with long thick hair to reach the dog's skin easily. Sometimes it is necessary to trim your dog's hair around the neck slightly. However, you should not shave it completely to avoid skin irritation or injury.
Training sessions should be kept short and positive, around 10-15 minutes.
We do not recommend using the collar on aggressive dogs.
Every dog has a different recognition level. Even a slight change in your dog’s behavior, such as looking around in curiosity, scratching at his collar, or flicking his ears, indicates they feel the stimulation. How to determine the best level for your dog: If your dog does not have a visible reaction (like the twitching of ears or head), the level you have given is not enough. Increase the level by 1 and send the stimulation. Repeat till the dog reacts.

IMPORTANT: If the dog yelps or behaves scared or depressed when you sent the stimulation - the level is too high for your pet.

Yes, you can use the PetSpy e-collars to stop excessive barking. But we also suggest trying our bark collars as they are more suitable when you are not around the dog.
No, the collar receiver gets the commands only from the remote it is synced with.
Yes, you can buy just the part you need and sync it with the original remote/collar. All the extra parts you can find here. Please choose one compatible with your system. In case of any questions, please email our support team at
Yes, you can watch the operational guide for your system here.


No, the rechargeable battery is built-in, and you cannot replace it. It's designed to last for a few years, similar to smartphone batteries.
It depends on the model. You can find the exact distance in the product description. Please note that the advertised range applies to a straight-line distance between Transmitter Remote and Receiver Collar without obstacles in between. The range may vary depending on the terrain, buildings, trees, and electromagnetic interference from other devices.
It depends on the intensity of training sessions and may vary from one day to one week.
The receiver collar is fully waterproof. Nevertheless, we do not advise it for long swimming sessions. It’s fine if your dog jumps into the water and comes out. Heavy rain is also not a problem. The remote transmitter is not waterproof (excluding fully waterproof models P620 and P620b).
Yes, all PetSpy e-collars can train one or two dogs together. Some of the models are three-dog systems.
Use this comparison chart to understand the differences between the models and choose the right one for your dog. If you still have questions, contact us at, and we will be happy to help.

Table Compare Different PetSpy E-collar models
No, there is no way to pair our e-collars with the fence.


The max amount of time you can deliver the vibration or static shock to your dog continuously is 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the remote transmitter will time out. The vibration or shock button must be released and pressed again. It is highly recommended to limit the continuous shock delivery to no more than 3 seconds (the smaller the dog, the shorter it should be).
Stop using the product immediately for at least 48 hours. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, please consult your vet.
The collar is not designed to be worn continuously. We recommend the collar be worn only during training sessions or other outdoor activities. Avoid leaving the collar on dogs for more than 4 hours per day. We recommend you reposition the collar on the dog's neck every 1 to 2 hours.
You can use the collar with or without these rubber caps. They need to prevent skin irritation for dogs with sensitive skin or very short fur.It should be noted that these caps may reduce the shock power, so you need to increase the level with rubber caps on and decrease when you use the collar without these caps. Ensure the dog wears the collar no more than 4 hours a day and only under your supervision. We recommend you reposition the collar on the dog's neck every 1 to 2 hours. Wearing the collar constantly will cause skin irritation and potential pressure sores. You should check your dog’s neck each time you put on or take off the collar to make sure the skin is healthy and irritation-free. Even slight irritation can itch! If this happens, it’s better to take the collar off from your dog for a day or till the skin is normal.
No, an e-collar can't burn the skin. The electrical output of a collar is not high enough to generate the heat needed to burn. Also, the max amount of time the shock is delivered is 10 sec. Even if the button is pressed, the remote will time out, and no stimulation is sent. So-called “burned marks” are lesions caused by friction or pressure necrosis. They are not caused by heat or shock output burning the skin but by the owner allowing inappropriate wear time or improper fit of the collar. Pressure necrosis can occur if the collar is left on the dog for too long a period of time.PetSpy e-collars are designed to be used for short training sessions that require constant human interaction. The max amount of time you can leave the collar on your dog is 4 hours. We recommend repositioning it every 1-2 hours. The collar must not be worn as a regular one!You must check your dog’s neck each time you put on or take off the collar to make sure the skin is healthy and irritation-free.


You can do it via the Contact us page or by emailing us directly at We will need your purchase receipt/order id and a detailed description of the issue (photos or video are appreciated).

PetSpy products are exclusively sold on,,, and PetSpy does not offer warranty for products purchased from unauthorized resellers. Please refer to our Warranty page for more information.

Please refer to our Warranty page for more information.
If the product was a gift, we recommend asking the gift giver to provide you with a copy of the purchase receipt or to help you process the warranty claim on your behalf.


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