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Should I Use An Anti-Bark Collar For My Puppy?

Oct 30 2021 0 Comments bark collar puppy

Learn more about whether or not you should use an anti-bark collar for a small dog and how it helps improve your overall training.

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Teaching “Place” Command With an E-Collar

Sep 28 2021 0 Comments e-collar training obedience step-by-step

One of the best household commands for a dog is the "Place" command. Whether you need to improve indoor manners or quickly calm your four-legged friend, it will be your lifesaver.  Usually, this training is quite difficult for a dog and time-consuming for a pet owner. But things will change with the use of an e-collar. Teaching the "Place" will become straightforward; all you need is to follow the information below. Let's dive right in! What is the "Place" command In general, the "Place" command is necessary to control the dog's location indoors and outdoors. It shows if your pet...

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5-Step Tutorial of E-Collar Training for Beginners

Aug 27 2021 2 Comments

 Decided to train your dog with an e-collar but don't know where to start? Or are you completely confused about those multiples ways how use this tool described by different trainers? This article takes you through everything the beginner trainer needs to know for a successful and properly organized training session with an e-collar. Let's get started! ​​What is an E-collar?  Also known as a remote training collar or shock collar, it’s a system that includes a Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar with two contact points for providing stimulation to the dog. It allows you to grab the pet's attention...

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Jul 01 2021 1 Comment basics puppy tips training

The most common question for all dog owners is, "Does my dog need obedience classes?" Of course, there is no shame in seeking professional help, but we are here to show you how you can save a lot of money and build a strong relationship with your furry friend.

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Jun 07 2021 0 Comments basics dog care safety using e-collar

E-collars are widely used for obedience training, correcting unwanted behavior, excessive barking, and much more. It is one of the most effective tools for those who want their four-legged companion to be well-bred. But almost all of us saw these horrifying photos or heard stories from other people that the e-collar burned their dog's neck. The situation is obviously frustrating. But the truth is, a collar cannot burn through or hurt a dog's neck. The static current of a collar is not high enough to generate the heat needed to burn. The damage we see on a dog's neck is...

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How to use a clicker to teach a command

Mar 29 2021 1 Comment clicker step-by-step training

This article let us explore a little into the clicker and how we can use it to train our dogs effectively. As well, we will show you some fatal mistakes the dog owners make using the clicker.

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How to use a dog whistle for training

Feb 22 2021 1 Comment basics step-by-step training whistle

It is known that whistle dog training is one of the most cost-efficient tools. But do you know how to use it successfully to train your dogs? Check out our blog article and find out more about training process.

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Whistle Training Basics

Jan 28 2021 1 Comment basics training whistle

Training our dogs can be a tough event, especially if you are new to the whole idea of owning a dog. However, it can be made easier with different educational tools such as the clicker, e-collars, etc. The beauty of the training process is that there is no one size fits all method to this, and one great device for that is the use of a whistle during the class. What is the whistle training? Such training involves the usage of a whistle to teach the dog to perform desired commands or actions. There are two types of these –...

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