Dog training tips

Organizing a training time

Oct 01 2019 1 Comment

It is always good to use an e-collar to train your dog, especially when it comes to teaching him to perform various commands or tricks. But before you even attempt at using the e-collar straight out of the box, there are certain things that you absolutely need to know as it can make or break the entire training session with an e-collar. Don’t rush into using e-collar One common mistake that most owners do is to introduce the e-collar to do the dog right from the start when they receive the e-collar. This is detrimental to the entire training session...

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Top 7 E-collar training mistakes and how to avoid them

Aug 30 2019 1 Comment

While e-collars are one of the best tools to train your dogs, if you misuse them, the consequences can be enormous, and this is one of the main reason why many dog owners do not approve of using an e-collar. So that you can use it more efficiently, you need to look at the following mistakes in training and find out exactly how you can get around problems. Mistake #1: Not reading the manual Most professional e-collars come with a manual that clearly describes the steps that you should take when you wish to use the e-collar. Also, they can...

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The difference between yard and field training

Jul 31 2019 1 Comment

When it comes to training your dog, most owners tend to mix up between training the dog in the yard and training the dog in the field. Both of these have differences and there is a need to properly introduce the difference between both types of areas. Yard Training Whenever you have a dog for the very first time, and you wish to conduct training for him or her, it will be essential to restrict dog's movement as the dog might not be receptive towards your training methods — as such, doing the first few sessions in the yard will...

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How long does it take to train my dog with an e-collar

Jul 01 2019 2 Comments

To determine the time you need for training with an e-collar, you need to know the factors that will help you to understand the successfulness of training sessions with your dog. The dog must be trained enough so that you can confidently take away the e-collar without fear that the dog might rebel against you.   Plan with an end in mind For owners that have read the book 7 habits of highly effective people, you would know that Habit 2 will be “Begin with the end in mind”. It tells us that we should always have a goal that we...

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Teach Your Hyper Dog to Focus With the Help of an E-collar

Jun 02 2019 2 Comments

In this article, we bring our attention to hyper dogs that are causing many trainers with issues regarding disobedience to commands given, given that they have a short attention span. When it comes to training these hyper dogs, the owners will always notice that it can be difficult trying to get the dog to focus. The dog will get overly excited by the presence of things that are usually not of over-excitement, they are in a state of chaos. While this is not optimal, it is the same on the other end of the spectrum whereby the dogs are just...

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Why is the dog showing aggression and how you can stop it

May 07 2019 4 Comments

Aggression in dogs is one of the most common problems that dog owners face. Indeed, many dog training programs around the country are specifically designed to train dogs to reduce aggression. Should be noted that the problem of such behavior in dogs is not only for larger breeds. Smaller breeds can be aggressive too. So why are they displaying signs of aggression? Let us look deeper into some of the common underlying reasons that trigger the aggression as well as some of the things that you can do to help the dog reduce its level. Dominance One of the most...

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Difference between bark collar and training collar

Mar 28 2019 3 Comments

When owners try to buy collars for their dog for training, they are usually stumped by the different terminology that is presented to them. In particular, owners might be confused between the differences that exist between the bark collar as well as the training collar. Each of the mentioned collars does have a different target audience as well as purpose, and it will be vital for you to know the difference between them before you decide on the type of collar to get. Bark Collar A bark collar is essentially a device that is specifically designed to distract a dog...

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E-collar training for deaf dogs

Feb 19 2019 5 Comments

All dogs do require some training for them to respond to our commands as well as to keep their behavior in check. Training is an easy task, especially if you are equipped with various tools such as the e-collars. But when it comes to training deaf dogs, the situation slightly changes. You cannot simply use words or gestures, hoping that your pup listens and view your gestures without a proper trigger. As for e-collars, we will need to be mindful of the dog's hearing disability when we train him. Since all PetSpy e-collars have three modes namely shock, vibration and...

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