Training Hunting Dog With an E-Collar

Oct 31 2019 e-collar training

Training Hunting Dog With an E-Collar

One of the top concerns that owners have about dogs during the hunting season is to keep them in control when they are out hunting. Being in control of the dog will be vital as it helps you to keep all things in check rather than be surprised about the sudden turn of events. Let us explore what the e-collar on hunting dogs is used for and how it could benefit you.

Preventing your dog from going missing

This is important, given that there are plenty of dogs that go missing every year. With the usage of the e-collar, you can prevent this from happening to your dog. All you need is to provide the correct training techniques to your dog and he must know how to respond to the provided stimulation.

Easier to communicate

If your dog is stubborn and hence tougher to train than other dogs, you will most probably hit into a brick wall, and it will frustrate the hell out of you. The training sessions can take longer to complete too. However, with the usage of the e-collar, the training sessions can be incredibly cut. And you will be fully prepared on time for your hunting trip.

Better control

There are a lot of distractions for the dog during hunting. And you need to be sure that they will not interrupt the process and all goes well and as planned. With an e-collar, you get better control over the dog even at a distance. You can remind him of what is needed to be done just with one press of the button. That’s really great, you know.

What should you note before using an e-collar on the hunting dog?

Before you go about using the e-collar on the hunting dog, there are several important factors for you to note before the e-collar can be effective on the dog.

  • The dog must be well trained on basic obedience commands.

You will need to know that if you use the training e-collar for hunting, it works best when the dog already knows the obedience commands. You can reinforce them with an e-collar to show the dog what is needed to be done when you go to the field with him.

  • Dog’s temperament.

I always tell about that and will repeat - you need to know the temperament of your dog as the training methodology using the e-collar can be different for each dog. Thant’s why every e-collar has at least three types of stimulation. Sometimes the tone is enough for a dog to remind him the right way. Sometimes only the shock can do the job.

How to introduce e-collar to the hunting dog?

Now that we know the exact purpose, as well as the benefits of the training e-collar for the hunting dog, let us investigate the steps needed to introduce it to the dog.

  • Getting acquainted with the e-collar.

Before you wear it on your dog, he must first acknowledge the presence of the e-collar and not reject it outright. Place the e-collar near to the dog, and if the dog does not react, reward him with a treat. You should then repeat the process, gradually reducing the distance between the dog and the e-collar until you can wear the e-collar on the dog without him rejecting it.

  • Getting the dog to understand stimulation and how to turn it off.

Since it is expected that the dog should understand various commands already, the key now is for him to associate the stimulation with the commands. For this to happen, you will need to wear the training e-collar on your hunting dog. Proceed to give him a command, and at the same time, depress onto the stimulation button. Once the dog performs, you will then stop depressing on the button, and start to heap praises on him! Repeat this a few times before graduating to other commands. Now, you are ready for your first hunt with an e-collar and your dog. Good luck!