How to clip the dog’s nail without stress

Dec 28 2020 dog care

How to clip the dog’s nail without stress

Most people will quickly link it to bathing or trimming the dog’s coat whenever we mention grooming. One of the processes that are often neglected is the trimming the dog’s nails. But there are many reasons why you should not ignore this part of the grooming.

  • Long nails are unhygienic

Dirt, grime, and other germs can get stuck at the bottom of the nails and became a nest full of bacteria if left untrimmed. Needless to say, this isn't good for your family, especially if you have children at home.

  • Long nails damages furniture

Dogs with long nails are bad for furniture and flooring as they will leave ugly marks. Also, if your dog loves to mess around on your sofa, then there is a chance to damage the upholstery too.

  • Long nails can hurt you (and your dog)

This is especially true if your dog loves to play around with you as there is a chance that they can scratch you, leaving red marks on your body. But the pain that is tougher to manage, perhaps, is the dog's suffering from their long nails get lodged into nets, meshes, or anything else that can tangle up their nails. It is akin to someone dragging your nails off your fingers!

So yes, there you have it, the top reasons you should trim your dog’s nails.

It is of little wonder that most owners will feel stressed about trimming their dog’s nails.  You see, there is this part of the dog’s nails, termed as the Quick, that can be tough to identify, especially if the dog has dark nails. The quick is actually the nerves, and by cutting it, you can cause immense pain to your four-legged friend, not even mentioning the amount of blood that it will lose.

But this is a problem that can be easily rectified. 

1. Prepare your dog to trimming tool

Sometimes difficulties start at the very beginning as you have to catch your puppy. The most important thing to do is not to provoke your pet. We need a calm doggy, ready to sit on your lap for a few minutes.

Treat all the good behavior of the dog. They will associate the owner only with good emotions and treats. Also, you may show your pup the clipper/grinder and pretend that you cut their nails. Don’t forget to treat good behavior all the time. This will help you in future training.

2. Identify the dog’s Quick

The quick can be easily seen from the nail's side for dogs with white nails - it is the pink part of it. For other colors of nails, this piece of the trimming process is the hardest. But not for those who read our tips.

The quick can be found at the bottom of the dog’s nails. Place your finger at the tip of the dog’s nail and make your way slowly towards the paw. Along the way, you will feel a groove, which marks the spot where the quick starts. Once you identify it, you can start trimming with relative ease.

To cut off the nail correctly - use our picture below. It will guide you on how to make the process easier and calmer the first few times. 

how to cut dog's nail correctly

3. Use proper tools

Another reason why some owners are stressed about trimming is that they do not use the correct equipment. The worst tool to ever use is the regular scissors that you have at home.

Typically, there are two different types of devices that you can use for trimming the dog’s nails. They are the dog nail clippers as well as the dog nail grinders.

Dog nail clippers
petspy dog nail clipper

These are guillotine-style or scissor-style clippers that snip off the nails in an efficient manner. Most clippers' problem is that they have no proper avenue for the owner to detect the dog’s quick. To solve this problem, we urge you to get our very own PetSpy Dog & Cat Nail Clipper that allows you to trim the dog’s nails with ease as this pair of clippers come with a Safety Stop that limits the trimming so that you will not cut into the dog’s quick. You can also use the complimentary nail file after trimming so that any sharp edges will be smoothened out.

It should be noted that clippers are preferred by owners of small or medium breeds of dogs. They not always suitable for thick nails and may not cut through them.

Dog nail grinders
petspy pet nail grinder

This tool uses a grinding motion to wear down the nails instead of snipping off the excess part. Usually, dogs are less stressed when using the grinder, and if your puppy was once frightened with clippers, you have a second chance with a grinder. However, this device may not be suitable for small active breeds, as the process takes longer than clipping. On the other hand, you have more control over the process and easily avoid cutting into the quick.

To have a smoother process when it comes to trimming the dog’s nails, you can get PetSpy Dog Nail Grinder tool. It is completely portable and rechargeable, so you can bring this for those long camping trips since it allows you to trim the dog’s nails while on the go. It does have the option of choosing the optimal, desired RPM of the bit grinder so that the trimming process is tailored to your dog’s needs.

Wrapping things up

With the proper education as well as the proper usage of tools, the trimming the dog’s nails can be a pretty relaxing event. We urge you to get our pet grooming tools for a smoother, pain-free, trimming process.