Dog training tips

Whistle Training Basics

Jan 28 2021 tips

Training our dogs can be a tough event, especially if you are new to the whole idea of owning a dog. However, it can be made easier with different educational tools such as the clicker, e-collars, etc. The beauty of the training process is that there is no one size fits all method to this, and one great device for that is the use of a whistle during the class. What is the whistle training? Such training involves the usage of a whistle to teach the dog to perform desired commands or actions. There are two types of these –...

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How to clip the dog’s nail without stress

Dec 28 2020 dog care

When do I need to cut my dog’s nails? What I need to do and how? Dog's nail trimming is an important part of grooming. But some owners feel stressed while clipping. This is honestly not surprising since there is always the chance of hurting the dog. Check this article to get complete instruction on dog nail trimming and avoid any mistakes.

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What to do if your puppy is too emotional?

Nov 09 2020 barking e-collar training puppy using e-collar

Do you know that puppies do have emotions too, and they express their emotions in more ways than one? For example, when the dogs are happy, you will notice that their tail will be wagging akin to the wipers on your car! In some cases, the dogs might like to chase their own tail. Or do you know that when the puppies chewed through your favorite pair of shoes or flipped the trash can, it is a sign that they feel anxious or lonely? Of course, when the dogs are feeling threatened or happy, they might start yelping and jumping...

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Bark Collar. Make your dog polite

Nov 02 2020 bark collar basics tips

It is natural for all dogs to bark as it is the only way to talk or communicate with other animals and us. However, while it is normal for dogs to bark, some of them can bark really loud. What’s worst is that they might bark at everything! While it is good that the dog barks at intruders, it is not ok if he constantly barks at the neighbor or even barking at home even when there is absolutely no need for that. This may cause rifts in the house as well as rifts between you and your neighbors. Just...

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Good Manners Around the House

Aug 05 2020 e-collar training

From our previous articles, we have covered that one of the best ways to negate such bad behavior as counter-surfing and digging is by using a dog training collar. Let us dive a little deeper into this and find out how else can e-collar training help to develop good manners with your dog at home. Random barks While it is normal for dogs to bark, it is not reasonable if the dog barks at everything else, especially during the night! It can be mentally frustrating for you as well as for your neighbors if that happens. Now, it is common...

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Multi Dogs Training

Jul 07 2020 e-collar training

Do you need to train more than one dog? PetSpy dog training systems are an excellent option for this. They will save you time and money. Read this article to find out what multi-dogs training systems we have and how to organize successful training sessions with your dogs.

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Stop Your Dog From Food Stealing With An E-Collar

Apr 29 2020 tips

If you own a dog, then you would know that it is nearly impossible to leave your furry friend alone, unmonitored, with food exposed in the open. Even so, you can never afford to turn your head to the stove while leaving the tantalizing food on the dining table as the odds of your puppy jumping and eating the delicious food is high. Even if you managed to shoo the dog off for the first time, it would be tough for you to keep up with their antics, since some dogs can be pretty intelligent, and once you are caught...

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dog training collar best dog training collartraining collars for dogs training collars e collar for dogs training best electronic dog training collar

Mar 22 2020

A dog training collar is a specialized type of collar designed to help dog owners and trainers effectively communicate with and train their dogs. The purpose of training collars for dogs is to provide a means of communication and correction during training sessions or to manage unwanted behaviors. Dog training collars have been in use for several decades, with the first electronic training collars being developed in the 1960s. The initial purpose of these training collars was to assist hunters in training hunting dogs, but over time, their use expanded to various dog training disciplines. An e collar for dogs...

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Stop Digging with an E-Collar

Mar 20 2020 e-collar training

Dogs are an excellent family members. Sometimes, their actions or antics can tickle the entire family. However, some of their activities, though seemingly cute, are detrimental if it is left unchecked by the owner. One such action is the dog’s attempt at digging at every surface, be it your flooring or even in the garden. If the dog is digging at your backyard, then you must be very frustrated that the plants are being dug out! This is considered less dangerous, given that there might be the possibility of hidden cables at the garden, and your puppy's life might be...

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