How to stop your dog jumping up on people using the E-collar

Nov 22 2018 e-collar training

How to stop your dog jumping up on people using the E-collar

It is almost the dogs’ nature to jump on their owners when they are excited. While you might love attention, we cannot say the same for other people who are not so well aquatinted with your dog. And there is a need to correct the behaviour of your dog jumping on people, and that can be easily achieved by using PetSpy E-collars.

But before we go on how to use the E-collar to correct the behaviour, you will need to understand your dog’s temperament at first.

• Why does the dog jump on people?

Actually, there are various reasons why dogs will do this, and some of them are easily understandable.

First of all, the majority of them are simply excited and happy when they see their favourite people coming back home. They can’t wait to have play time or to have their favourite treats.

Secondly, some of the dogs simply want the attention from humans. For example when they are terrified by something. I have such a situation with my dog. When there was a storm and he was so frightened that he starts to jump on me just searching for help.

Also, there might be the case when the dog just wanting to play. It is very common to see dogs jump each other during playtime. If you have been playing with your dog when he lunges at you, then it might be the main reason why he is still doing so. He hadn’t been corrected for such a behaviour before.

So, not all jumps are bad, and not all jumps need to be corrected. However, if you need to correct negative jumps from your dog, take the PetSpy E-collar and follow the steps below.

• Get the dog to be familiar with the E-collar

The main mistake many new owners do is quickly put on the E-collar on the dog right after they purchased it and start to test the stimulation features to find the better level. As a result, the dog will naturally develop an aversion towards the E-collar. More properly if you will allow your dog to sniff the device and let them be familiar with the E-collar. Only after that, you should put the collar on your dog. Make sure that you set up the stimulation on the lowest level. According to the dog’s reaction,you can then adjust the stimulation so that it does not harm the dog, but helps you in your goals.

• Stop the dog from jumping on you

Once everything is ready, you can start the training. When the dog starts to jump on you, you should press the button on the remote to send the stimulation to your dog. We recommend starting with the vibration or tone stimulation. You should not hold the button! Just tap on the button for 2 seconds at a time.

If the dog does not respond to the above, you should increase the stimulation level and repeat the process again. In time, the dog will start to understand that the stimulation occurs only after he jumps on you and he will stop.

• Stop the dog from jumping on others

If your dog is excited at meeting others, then you should start to use the above method to correct the dog’s behaviour. The process is still the same. Ask your friend to help. Once the dog jumps on your friend, you should press the button to send the stimulation. If there is no reaction from your dog, increase the level of the stimulation until your dog will get a message that this is a negative behaviour and he should stop.

When done correctly, your dog will associate jumping on others with a stimulation and he will eventually stop the jumping.

I will recommend the PetSpy M686 Dog training system for such training. The remote has a blind operation design with a rotation switch. It allows you to adjust the stimulation level from 1-8 in one move even without looking at the remote. Also, I love that it has two types of shock stimulation - continuous and convulsive shock. The convulsive shock is exactly what we need in this training (in case if you decide to use such type of stimulation of course).