Jun 07 2021 dog care tips


E-collars are widely used for obedience training, correcting unwanted behavior, excessive barking, and much more. It is one of the most effective tools for those who want their four-legged companion to be well-bred.

But almost all of us saw these horrifying photos or heard stories from other people that the e-collar burned their dog's neck. The situation is obviously frustrating. But the truth is, a collar cannot burn through or hurt a dog's neck. The static current of a collar is not high enough to generate the heat needed to burn. The damage we see on a dog's neck is caused by improper use of the collar, not a malfunction. We do not want to blame anyone, but such wounds are the owners' fault, who allowed the collar to be misused.

Responsible pet-parents will never allow this to happen. And this article will give you the most productive ways to prevent injuring your dog to be fully prepared. 

Reason #1
dog with properly positioned and fitted ecollar

One of the most important parts of every training session is the correct fitting of the collar receiver on the dog's neck. However, this is required not only for the class to be productive but also for your pet's health. Pulling the collar too tight or too loose can cause injury. How? If the collar fits too tight, blood cannot flow normally under the receiver, and the contact points will dig into the dog's neck, causing discomfort. This will result in breaking down the skin tissue, and then a pressure sore-type wound will occur.

At the same time, the too loose position is also wrong. The contact points will rub the skin and irritate it. Even slight irritation can itch, and when the dog scratch or lick it, it can develop into a moist, red, oozing sore that can quickly increase in size or become infected due to the dog's continued scratching.

How can you avoid that horrific scenario? Put the receiver correctly on your dog's neck! Allow your dog to stand comfortably and position the receiver unit high up on your dog's neck just below the ears. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar strap and your dog's skin. Do not put on the receiver while your dog is sitting, as the neck is slightly smaller.

Reason #2

Another important point – not to attach the leash to the collar receiver. As your dog pulls, it will lead to contact points pressing the dog's neck and result in sores or irritation. The collar receiver is not intended to be used with a leash! Use a separate collar for that.

Reason #3
dog training by petspy ecollar

In all our training tips which you can find in User Manuals or articles, we urge you to keep the training sessions short and positive. About 10-15 minutes per session. This time is enough for the dog to master the command and not be distracted by the environment. Then take a break and let your four-legged friend rest and go about their day. Training should not be a stressful time for both you and your pet.

Even so, many disregard this rule. And we can agree that you can extend the session a little, but only if your dog is ready. Nevertheless, prolonged training classes with the use of an e-collar must follow one important rule - reposition the collar receiver on your dog's neck once an hour. The maximum time the collar can be on your dog is 4 hours! Then you should take off the receiver, and the dog's neck should be allowed to rest.

Carefully examine the dog's neck after that. If you notice even slight skin irritation, stop using the collar for the next 48 hours. During this time, the dog's skin will recover. Do not forget that all PetSpy e-collars have rubber caps. They should cover the contact points during training, especially if your pet has sensitive skin.

Remember, if the collar receiver was fit properly, no irritation should occur. In the next session, carefully check whether you have properly secured the receiver, whether it is too loose or not pulling against the dog's neck. This is vital!

One more thing

Hygiene is also essential. Cleaning the collar receiver and your dog's neck should be your routine now. Depending on the weather conditions the session takes place, you must clean the receiver either after each class or once a week. All dirt should be removed with a damp cloth. If the dog is swimming with a collar on, take it off after the swim and dry the collar and dog's fur. Don't forget about the strap. It also needs to be cleaned regularly! All PetSpy e-collars come with a TPU strap that is very easy to clean.

The E-collars are a safe tool for training if used properly. As we already mentioned, the static current of a collar is not high enough to burn through the dog's neck. But the bad managing of the training sessions with your dog can do that. There is nothing difficult in all these rules, but the health of your pet depends on these simple steps! Let’s be responsible pet parents and enjoy all the times with your furry child.