Tips For E-Collar Wearing

Sep 25 2018 e-collar training safety

Tips For E-Collar Wearing

If you decided to use an e-collar for training, the first important thing is to make sure that you know how to put a collar on your dog. I have trained many dogs and the most common mistake owner made – they do not know how to properly placed the collar on the dog’s neck.

Take note of these tips for e-collar wearing to make your training effective and harmless for your dog.

Choosing the best contact points suited for your dog.

The first step in e-collar wearing is to ensure that you get rid of all hairs on the neck that can hinder the ability to make good contact with the skin. These include loose or dead hairs trapped under the contact points.

If you have a dog that has a very short coat or smooth one, you can make use of the shortest contact points available which can help create a reliable connection with the skin. What I really like in PetSpy dog training collars are silicone caps for covering contact points. They help to prevent any irritation if your dog’s coat is thin and the skin becomes easily irritated.

If your dog has a long or very thick coat you can use the longer contact points. Such contact points can easily reach the dog’s skin. Sometimes in the case of dogs with long fur, it is necessary to thin the dog’s hair around the neck. This allows you to ensure the contact points are making good contact with the skin. But make sure you don't shave it too short to avoid skin irritation.

However, it is worth noting that choosing the contact points also can vary according to the weather conditions and thickness of the dog’s undercoat.

The right way to fix E-collar on your dog

To ensure effective training and dog's safety, you must properly fit the collar on your dog. The collar must fit snugly to allow contact points to have a direct contact with the skin. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar strap and your dog's skin. All PetSpy e-collars have adjustable collar straps, so you will have no problem with proper strap fitting on your dog’s neck. The receiver should be positioned on the side of the neck. Such a position will keep the collar on the place.

By placing the collar under the dog’s chin there is always an opportunity that the collar can be dislodged by a head shake. Also, with the side position of the collar,you can always change the sides to prevent any injury or irritation of the dog’s neck.

It is quite important to place the collar on the upper part of the dog’s neck just below the ears. Such a position will prevent the collar from sliding and contact points will have good contact with the skin.

How long should a dog wear the e-collar

How long a dog can wear the e-collar will largely depend on the training goals. Please note that E-collars are not designed to be worn constantly. Therefore it is recommended that the e-collar must only be used under adult supervision and for no longer than 4 hours per day. If you increase the time of wearing e-collar, you should relocate the receiver after a few hours. Note that wearing the collar constantly can lead to potential sores and skin irritations. If you notice an irritation on your dog, remove the collar and allow the skin to get some airflow, and if there are signs of infection, it is advisable to visit your vet.

So, e-соllаr can bе еffесtіvе trаіnіng tооl whеn used рrореrlу. Follow the tips above and you will always have successful training with your dog!