a woman giving obedience training to dogs

The obedience training

While we know that using a dog training collar is one of the easiest way at which you can teach your dog commands, do you know how to go about doing it exactly? How would you teach commands like come, stay, and down with an e-collar to train your dog?

Interestingly, in my years of experience in training dogs and educating owners on the art of training, I do hear many of their own methodsof training, only to have the dog develop the aggression towards the training collar itself.

Read on to find out what are the proper steps that you should take when you wish to use a dog training collar on your dog.

Essential steps to follow.

Before you start the training, no matter which command you use, you will need to get your dog to be familiar with the dog training collar first. Maybe owners make the mistake of training the dog right at the moment when they put the training collar on their dog. This is wrong! You should always let your dog wear the training collar for awhile so that he will not develop hatred towards the collar itself.

Also, use the vibration or tone stimulation first. If the dog does not respond, then you can switch to the static shockmode. Another point to note, always start with the lowest level first, then slowly increase it. This will allow you to know which is the trigger point that will get a reaction from your dog. Reaction includes flicking their ears or even scratching themselves.

Once you know the safetynotes and what to point out when training your dog with a dog training collar, you may start to follow the steps below.


The first command that you will need to teach is stay. During the walk with your dog say the command “stay” after a few steps, press on the remote stimulation button and have your dog stay at his position. If the dog decides to move, you should stop him from doing so, and bring him back to the original position. After that, repeat the steps a few more times. After a while, the dog will start to recognise the command “stay” and will not move.

Once done, you can proceed to the next command. As a guideline, try not to teach different commands in the same hour. If you have enough time, do it over a few days.


This will be fairly easy once your dog knows the command “stay”. All you need to do is to get your dog stationary.Then, give the command ‘down’ while pressing the stimulationbutton on the remote transmitterand at the same time bring your dog down to the expected position. Once it is done, release the stimulation. If you want to, you can reward your dog with a treat at this point of time.

Repeat the steps given above and your dog will be able to do “down” right on the command.


You can use the same method to train your dog to respond to the command “come”. And its stationary position, press the stimulationbutton on the remoteand say“come” to the dog. Once the dog gets to you, you can choose to reward your dog with a treat. If the dog doesn’t come, repeat the stimulation and increase the time of sending the vibration or tone. Once the dog reaches you, remove your finger from the button.

Repeat the process above, and your dog will be able to come on the command.

Note that it will take time for the dog to recognize the commands and to know what is expected of him.

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