Stop excessive barking using e-collar

Oct 02 2018 e-collar training

Stop excessive barking using e-collar

Are you amazed at how some dogs respond to their owner’s commands while your dog does not respond to yours at all? Sometimes, while it may look easy for the owners to train the dogs to respond on command, it can be pretty tough behind the scenes when it comes to training the dogs. One such command is the command that is used to stop the dog from barking. More often than not, we see exasperated owners who come to us seeking solutions to stop the incessant barking.

It is actually pretty easy to stop excessive barking by using an e-collar or dog training collar. All you need to do is to follow the steps below. It is important not to skip any step as this is a tested and proven method in ensuring that your dog does not bark incessantly after training:

  • Put the collar on your dog and set the settings to the lowest intensity on the 1st  run.
  • Put the dog in a situation that will trigger the dog to bark. If your dog barks at strangers, get a friend to stand in front of the dog.
  • Once the dog starts to bark, you should use a voice command and press the remote button to send the stimulation. We recommend using voice commands such as “stop” or “quiet”.
  • Release the button after a few seconds. Repeat this for about 2 or 3 times.
  • Repeat the whole process for about 1 week, using various known situations that causes the dog to bark.
  • If there isn’t any improvement to the dog’s behavior, you should increase the intensity on 1 or 2 levels.

Eventually, with this approach, your dog will be trained using the e-collar in no time. While you certainly can stop excessive barking by using e-collar, what will matter now is actually the choice of the e-collar itself.

What to look out for when buying e-collar.

Type of stimulation

Generally, there are three different types of stimulation: static shock, vibration and tone stimulation. I advise you to use the shock only in the emergency situations. The vibration combined with tone is enough for good training.  Every PetSpy dog training collar has all three types of stimulation with adjustable levels. That’s very useful as you can be fully prepared for every situation.

Number of dogs

If you own more than one dog and you wish to train the dogs in the same instance, you can do that too. All PetSpy e-collars can control up to two dogs at the same time. And even up to three dogs with these two models: PetSpy M919-1 Dog training collar, PetSpy XPro-3 Remote Dog Training Collar

The point is that you have one remote transmitter and just switch between the channels to control the required collar receiver.

Range of remote

For those who live in the countryside, you might have a larger backyard for dogs to run in. In such cases, you might want to select an e-collar with a good range. PetSpy has different models of e-collars in the remote range from 650 yards till 1200 yards. Here you can search for one you need: E-collar collection


As you can see, one of the better ways to stop your dog from barking excessively is by using e-collars. While these e-collar require to do some training for the dog before it is effective in stopping the barks, the effort will always be well justified when your dog finally stops barking for no reason at all!

But if you need as quick a solution for barking as you can imagine, please refer to this article.