Good Manners Around the House

From our previous articles, we have covered that one of the best ways to negate such bad behavior as counter-surfing and digging is by using a dog training collar. Let us dive a little deeper into this and find out how else can e-collar training help to develop good manners with your dog at home.

Random barks

While it is normal for dogs to bark, it is not reasonable if the dog barks at everything else, especially during the night! It can be mentally frustrating for you as well as for your neighbors if that happens. Now, it is common for us to work remotely at home due to the pandemic; we are currently conducting most of our meetings at home via online tools. Imagine the horror if you are about to close an essential contract over zoom meetings, and the deal is off because of your relentless dog barking, which irritated your potential client! We can easily name more examples, but you get the drift.

To help rectify these issues, the usage of training collars will be handy as you can correct your dog remotely by one pressing of the button.

Jumping onto visitors

There might be times at which you are expecting your friends or family members in your house. And your dog can get overzealous and start jumping onto them. Some of your friends or family members can feel comfortable with this behavior, but there can be cases at which they simply are afraid of dogs. You certainly do not want your poor friend to be frightened badly by your jumping puppy. It will be important for you to correct this behavior so that there can be good manners around the house.

When an e-collar is coupled with the proper training procedure, you can quickly correct and prevent the dog from jumping onto unsuspecting friends or family members.

Rummaging through the trash can

Some foods are dangerous for dogs, and you can use e-collars to help you train your dog not to scour for feed. Sometimes they will resort to sniffing around for leftover meals in the trash can when the owner is not at home. The dog may eat dangerous or toxic food. To avoid this, use the e-collar to train your dog so that the rummaging can stop and that you can have a cleaner house when you return home after a long day at work too.

Destroying furniture

One of the first things that you should do when bringing home a puppy for the first time is to train the dog to understand the house and not to break it! The usage of e-collars will be essential to help you with the training process. But note that we recommend using the e-collar for dogs over 6 months old.

Dogs need to learn how to be sociable too

You must help your dog to learn how to be sociable not only towards other dogs but also friendly towards humans, especially if you have babies at home. This training process can be tedious, and it does require a consistent effort from you. What’s more, you should start from young, since it will lessen the odds of the dog experiencing anxiety attacks should they need to adjust their behavioral approaches midway through its life.

Just think along the lines that the e-collar is an enabler tool that unlocks possibilities with your dog! By using the training collar to promote socializing at home, your puppy will inevitably be a well-mannered dog that is easy to manage at home.

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