Multi Dogs Training

Jul 07 2020 e-collar training

Multi Dogs Training

When you need to train more than one dog, it will not be easy if you have one remote transmitter and one collar receiver for each of them. There is no doubt that it is more convenient to have one remote control in your hands for all your dogs.

All PetSpy e-collars can train one or two dogs together. Some of the models are three-dog systems.

The remote control has a switch or button (depending on the model) for switching between collar receivers. You will only correct one dog at a time. Each receiver has a color strap so that you can more easily determine which channel to select for correction.

Our collars are suitable for different breeds up to 140 pounds. Thus, you can train a large dog and a small one at the same time. Just adjust the collar strap to the desired length for each dog.

Do not forget that all dogs have different temperaments, and you need to choose the right level of stimulation for them to get good results from training. Our collars have the ability to adjust the correction level for dogs separately, so you will have no issue if one of your dog’s responds to vibration on level 5 and level 1 is enough for your second dog.

For a multi-dog system, you should consider some rules to determine which puppy is on channels one, two, or three. When training two or three dogs, in most cases, you will have one more disobedient that needs more correction. Select channel 1 for this dog on the remote control and always have it on that channel. So, there will be no mix or inappropriate correction of another dog. Select channel 2 for the second puppy, and as soon as you fix it on that channel, always go back to channel 1. The same goes for systems with three dogs—the third channel for the most obedient and easily trained dog.

It should be noted that we have one two-dog system which can correct both dogs simultaneously. It is our model M86-2. In a situation when you have two identical dogs with the same behavior issues that must be corrected together, this collar will work for you. It has an option for separate correction also.

Below is a list of our systems for multiple dogs:

Two-Dog Systems:

PetSpy M86-2

PetSpy M686B

PetSpy M919-2

PetSpy P620B

PetSpy P320

PetSpy XPro

Three-Dog Systems:

PetSpy XPro-3

PetSpy M919-2