XPro 3 Dog collar - Shock collar for 3 dogs

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Will it fit my dog?

Dog Breeds by average size and weight

Size and Weight (lbs) Neck (inches) Chest (inches) Breed
Mini, <10 7.8 - 8.7 9.8 - 11.8 Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Maltese
Small, 8-17 7.8 - 9.4 11.4 - 14.1 Jack Russell Terrier, Pekingese, Maltipoo, King Charles Spaniel
Medium, 15 - 35 9 - 11 13.8 - 16.5 Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, French Bulldog, Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Medium, 30-65 11.8 - 13.4 18.1 - 20.9 Bulldog, Standard Poodle, Husky, Pitbull, Dalmatian
Large, 45-85 17 - 18.9 29.9 - 33.1 Boxer, Labrador Retriever, Schnauzer, Basset Hound
Large, 50-100 18.5 - 20.5 34.6 - 38.2 German Shepherd, Bull Terrier, Old English Sheepdog
X Large, 75-140 20.5 - 24.4 36.2 - 39.4 Rottweiler, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland
Huge, 120-200 24.4 - 28 36.4 - 43.0 St. Bernard, Leonberger, Mastife, Great Dane

Your dog is too small You will have to try it on. Perfect fit - congrats!

PetSpy XPro-3 e-collar is a tool of choice for obedience training around the house, yard, or field. With ergonomically-designed remote, you only need one hand to operate it, so you can focus on your dog during the training and not on the equipment. 16 levels of vibration and shock, as well as tone, allow you to communicate with your dog with one press of the button. You can use up to three collars with one remote and set an individual intensity level for each dog you are training. For added safety and to prevent you from the accidental press of the buttons, the remote has a Lock button. Equipped with two pairs of contact probes with different length, the collar can be used for all dog breeds with any coat thicknesses. Whether it be obedience or behavior training, PetSpy XPro-3 will be a durable and reliable companion for you and your dog.
Designed as the ultimate behavior shaping tool, PetSpy XPro-3 is perfect for all dog breeds above 10 lbs. starting from 6-month old. Keep in mind that dog training is not just about training the canine, it’s also teaching the people to understand the canine. Once there is an understanding of how dogs think, people can do a better job of training them. Our free dog training e-book will show you how to do it right.


  • Quickly and effectively train 3 dogs at the same time from up to 1000 yards away.
  • Helps correct barking, wandering off, aggressive leash pulling, approaching strangers and more; safe for use on all dogs 10 pounds and larger.
  • Three training modes including continuous and convulsive shock, vibration and sound, with 16 adjustable levels of vibration and shock.
  • The device is rechargeable, waterproof and includes a power-saving movement sensor; innovative contact points are made of conductive rubber to prevent skin irritation.
  • The keypad lock button is a safety feature for preventing accidental button jams and keeping your dog away from undesired corrections.
  • Intuitive button layout design allows for “blind” operation without needing to look at the remote.


(1) Remote Transmitter, (3) Collar Receiver, (3) Colored Adjustable TPU Strap - OOO, (1) Lanyard, (1) Dual USB Charger, (1) Test Bulb, and (1) User Guide.


Proper fit of the collar is important: a collar worn for a too long time or placed too tight or loose on a pet's neck may cause skin irritation or damage. Avoid leaving the collar on dogs for more than 4 hours a day


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