How to stop a dog from chasing with an e-collar

Jan 23 2019 e-collar training tips

How to stop a dog from chasing with an e-collar

It always feels like a marathon session whenever I chase after my dog, who took off after some squirrel. This feeling, or frustration, is prevalent for most dog owners as it is really in the dog's DNA to take off whenever they sniff something they are unfamiliar with.

While it may be encoded in their genes, it can be pretty dangerous for the dog to take off without any regard to its surroundings. Your dog might run into traffic or into some ditch that is being covered by tall grasses. To prevent this, you can always use a dog training collar to help you with the controlling your dog.

Here are some of the steps that you will need to undertake if you wish to prevent your dog from chasing by using an e-collar.

Locate a safe field

By safe, we mean that the area should be void of danger but has wild animals for your dog to chase.

Attach collar to the dog

Make sure that the collar is attached securely to the dog. A loose e-collar will not be able to function well here. For more information about how to put the e-collar on your dog, please read the article “Tips for E-collar Wearing” 

Set the stimulation

This will be a critical part. You will need to set the stimulation (whenever it shock, vibration or sound) to the level that will trigger a response from your dog. Always start from the lowest setting. Adjust the level until the dog responds to the signal. Ensure that you choose the correct stimulation type (tone, vibration or shock) which suits your dog's temperament.

Chasing starts

Allow your dog to have the opportunity to begin chasing wildlife in a controlled area. If you want to be more secure, you can always put the dog on a long leash. Please note the leash must not be attached to the training collar, you can attach it only to the regular collar. If your dog starts to take off, press on the stimulation button on the remote transmitter to send the correction stimulus.

In this process mentioned above, you should be very mindful about your dog's body cues to the stimulation. If they have a strong reaction, it can be an indication that the stimulation is too strong for them. Likewise, if there is no reaction at all, then the level that you set is too low.


For owners who have purchased an e-collar, you cannot take for granted that the device itself functions like a miracle device that will stop the dog from taking off to chase some wild animal or even humans. It all boils down to the training steps that you undertake and how diligent you are in the process itself.

I have to reiterate this, but you should be mindful of your dog's reaction to the stimulation at all times.