Dog training tips

My E-collar is not working

Dec 14 2018 5 Comments

 “My collar doesn’t seem to be working” – such a problem can occur with some dog’s owners when they start their next training session with the dog. Some of them may start to panic as everything was fine during the previous training. “My collar is defective”  - that’s the only their thoughts. And yes, I do not deny, you may have a faulty collar. But more often than not it’s not the case. Your own errors and misunderstanding of how the E-collars work result in such problem. Let me help you with troubleshooting.   Are the collar receiver and remote transmitter charged? This...

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How to stop your dog jumping up on people using the E-collar

Nov 22 2018 5 Comments

It is almost the dogs’ nature to jump on their owners when they are excited. While you might love attention, we cannot say the same for other people who are not so well aquatinted with your dog. And there is a need to correct the behaviour of your dog jumping on people, and that can be easily achieved by using PetSpy E-collars. But before we go on how to use the E-collar to correct the behaviour, you will need to understand your dog’s temperament at first. • Why does the dog jump on people? Actually, there are various reasons why dogs...

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E-collar training for stubborn dogs

Nov 09 2018 4 Comments

“My dog is stubborn! He doesn’t listen to me at all” - I quite often hear such a phrase from the dog’s owners. And every time I try to get my clients to understand that the natural dog’s behavior can not be in a line with human thoughts about good dog manners. All you need is a good training. So, let’s get started!

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Top 5 Myths About E-Collars

Oct 30 2018 5 Comments

For those that are looking for E-collar for your dog, you might have come across comments from so-called dog experts or professionals that e-collars are dangerous and not suitable for dogs. In our line of work, we have our fair share of inquiries regarding our wide range of E-collars and its suitability for training their dogs. In this context, we have noticed that there are some fairly common questions as well as misconceptions that these owners have. We have taken the time to compile the top 5 myths about e-collars that everyone else gives you, and we will completely debunk...

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The obedience training

Oct 09 2018 5 Comments

While we know that using a dog training collar is one of the easiest way at which you can teach your dog commands, do you know how to go about doing it exactly? How would you teach commands like come, stay, and down with an e-collar to train your dog?


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Stop excessive barking using e-collar

Oct 02 2018 5 Comments

Are you amazed at how some dogs respond to their owner’s commands while your dog does not respond to yours at all? Sometimes, while it may look easy for the owners to train the dogs to respond on command, it can be pretty tough behind the scenes when it comes to training the dogs. One such command is the command that is used to stop the dog from barking. More often than not, we see exasperated owners who come to us seeking solutions to stop the incessant barking. It is actually pretty easy to stop excessive barking by using an...

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Tips For E-Collar Wearing

Sep 25 2018 4 Comments

If you decided to use an e-collar for training, the first important thing is to make sure that you know how to put a collar on your dog. I have trained many dogs and the most common mistake owner made – they do not know how to properly placed the collar on the dog’s neck. Take note of these tips for e-collar wearing to make your training effective and harmless for your dog.

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At what age should e-collar training start

Sep 20 2018 5 Comments

When it comes to donning e-collars on dogs, more often than not, you will wonder at what age should E-collar training start. This is especially true if you have a puppy. On the most instruction manual for E-collars, they will state that the E-collar should only be used on dogs who are at least 6 months in age. But how true is this, or perhaps there are other guidelines that will determine at what age should e-collar training start? In my personal opinion, the age of the dog should only be a small part of the bigger picture. There are indeed...

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