Dog training tips

Stop excessive barking using e-collar

Oct 02 2018 e-collar training

Are you amazed at how some dogs respond to their owner’s commands while your dog does not respond to yours at all? Sometimes, while it may look easy for the owners to train the dogs to respond on command, it can be pretty tough behind the scenes when it comes to training the dogs. One such command is the command that is used to stop the dog from barking. More often than not, we see exasperated owners who come to us seeking solutions to stop the incessant barking. It is actually pretty easy to stop excessive barking by using an...

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Tips For E-Collar Wearing

Sep 25 2018 e-collar training safety

If you decided to use an e-collar for training, the first important thing is to make sure that you know how to put a collar on your dog. I have trained many dogs and the most common mistake owner made – they do not know how to properly placed the collar on the dog’s neck. Take note of these tips for e-collar wearing to make your training effective and harmless for your dog.

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At what age should e-collar training start

Sep 20 2018 tips

When it comes to donning e-collars on dogs, more often than not, you will wonder at what age should E-collar training start. This is especially true if you have a puppy. On the most instruction manual for E-collars, they will state that the E-collar should only be used on dogs who are at least 6 months in age. But how true is this, or perhaps there are other guidelines that will determine at what age should e-collar training start? In my personal opinion, the age of the dog should only be a small part of the bigger picture. There are indeed...

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Benefits of using Dog Training Collars that you can’t ignore

Sep 11 2018 tips training

It is not a secret that there is some doubt about the actual effectiveness of using the electronic collar as a proper training tool for your dog. Dogs are practically our companions, we all want them to be well behaved or basically obey certain commands like “sit”, “stay”, “come” and so on, but mainly too we want the dog to be a safe dog to ensure the relationship is more enjoyable. Electronic training devices have existed for over sixty years. The misconceptions and apprehension surrounding their use is rapidly reducing through new, improved technological developments and case studies, which examine...

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Get an E-Collar and Master that “SIT” Command

Aug 24 2018 e-collar training

There is this natural and inherent aspect of our human nature, which is the desire for perfection and ease. Dogs have become an integral part of our being so much so that we want to treat them in the best way we can, have fun with them as well as make sure they stay within a particular threshold. Mainly considering they are just animals and don’t have the will power we do have, it becomes essential to curb their nature to suit your desires. This is where e-collar comes in, it is a device with a wireless remote and wireless...

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