emotional puppy

What to do if your puppy is too emotional?

Do you know that puppies do have emotions too, and they express their emotions in more ways than one? For example, when the dogs are happy, you will notice that their tail will be wagging akin to the wipers on your car! In some cases, the dogs might like to chase their own tail. Or do you know that when the puppies chewed through your favorite pair of shoes or flipped the trash can, it is a sign that they feel anxious or lonely? Of course, when the dogs are feeling threatened or happy, they might start yelping and jumping around?

Here are some of the suggested ways on how some simple techniques can help you and the puppy to improve the behavior.

Incessant barking: This is perhaps the first major problem you might face when it comes to having a new dog in the house. If you do not want your house to be premiering a symphony of barks, on repeat mode, for the whole day, then you should read this portion!

There are a lot of tools to help you with barking. The PetSpy Bark Collars are tuned to release stimulation to the dogs to distract them from yelping. This distraction will help stop the dog from barking, but of course, it requires you to train the pet to understand what’s happening, too.

You may correct the barking with the training e-collar as well. The good thing about the e-collars is that there is a various intensity to the stimulations, so you can adjust it to suit your dog’s sensitivity level. Always start from the lowest level, though! You can read more about this training technic here - Stop excessive barking with an e-collar.

Also, you can have a look at the PetSpy Citronella Dog Training Collar. The dog smells the unpleasant citronella spray and stops barking. The collar is remote operating.

Of course, the above ideology can also be applied if your dog is constantly attempting to attack or bark at the mailman! Indeed, the training and bark collars are the best tools to help you if traditional methods fail.

Puppy’s peeing: Not everyone is appreciative of puppies jumping onto them or even peeing onto them. So, if you have the habit of inviting friends and family over to your place, this is the problem needed to be fixed. You see, when the puppies are happy or overly excited, they may start to pee all over the floor and, at times, jump onto your friends. This is no fault to them as the puppy most probably still have not learned the control concept.

To fix this, you can either ask the guests to stay calm as they wait outside the house so that you have the time and space to calm the puppy down too. Once the pet is calm, you should bring the dog outside to meet the guests on neutral territory. Should the guest be comfortable, hand over the leash and get the guests to walk the puppy in small steps to get acquainted with the guests, minus the jumps and pee.

Chasing its own tail: Some dogs love to chase their own tails and try to bite. And in the process of this, they start to break everything else in the house. This can be a dangerous behavior for both the dog and your family members, so this will be a behavior that you will want to correct.

When you notice that the puppy is starting to chase its own tail, try to distract the pet with a favorite toy instead. Should you not have such a toy, you can choose to get one of PetSpy dog fitness rings to serve the purpose! These fitness rings can float on water, and due to the shape of the fitness ring itself, it makes it impossible for the dog to bite you, and it also allows you to find it easily when it goes missing in the house!


Owning a puppy is amazing, but while it can be difficult at times, the amount of time and effort you put into training can be advantageous!

Your pet will become calmer, will only play with its toys, and you will stop being afraid to return home. Isn’t it awesome to come back to a house, knowing that the house will be kept intact without chewed items lying all over the floor? Try the methods above and see how they can help you correct the puppy’s behavior.
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