Whistle Training Basics

Jan 28 2021 tips

Whistle Training Basics

Training our dogs can be a tough event, especially if you are new to the whole idea of owning a dog. However, it can be made easier with different educational tools such as the clicker, e-collars, etc. The beauty of the training process is that there is no one size fits all method to this, and one great device for that is the use of a whistle during the class.

What is the whistle training?

Such training involves the usage of a whistle to teach the dog to perform desired commands or actions. There are two types of these – one emits a tone audible to humans, and the other is not. Both provide an effective training process. At our store, you can purchase audible to human ear whistles. We suggest this type of tool is more effective as you can be sure that the dog gets your command.

Why do dogs respond to the dog whistle?

Simply put, dogs respond to whistle just because they are curious about that sound as it is not a common sound like your voice. So, their initial reaction results from curiosity towards the unfamiliar sound. Still, when the training has been implemented in time to come, the dog will start to associate the sound with you.

Is dog whistle training effective for dogs?

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The dog whistle training system's effectiveness is highly dependent on how it has been used. A good training program but with a lousy implementation will result in the inefficacy of the process. But generally, it is often regarded as one of the better training methodologies that you can use for teaching the dog. Also, the cost of the tool is not that high.

To ensure that the dog whistle provides effective training, you will need to be patient with your four-legged friend and spacing out the training not to get bored. Also, for higher efficiency, you can use clickers and treats too!

But having said that, each dog is different, and we cannot 100% predict each dog’s reaction to the whistle. The pet might be nonchalant towards the sound, and it is equally possible that the dog will run towards you when it hears the whistle. So, if the training fails, you might not want to be too harsh on yourself as the fault might not lie with you. If you are unsure, always seek consultation with a professional dog trainer to determine the roots and causes.

Is it safe for dogs to be trained with the dog whistle?

Absolutely! Some owners might be concerned that the sound can frighten the dog. At the same time, there can be some truths to this statement. Generally, the dog whistle is safe to be used for training. The whole idea here is not to abuse. We will not recommend anyone to blow on the whistle right beside the dog.

But before you rush into whistle training, check our tips and the main principles for successful and productive sessions here.