My E-collar is not working

Dec 14 2018 e-collar training tips

My E-collar is not working

 “My collar doesn’t seem to be working” – such a problem can occur with some dog’s owners when they start their next training session with the dog. Some of them may start to panic as everything was fine during the previous training. “My collar is defective”  - that’s the only their thoughts. And yes, I do not deny, you may have a faulty collar. But more often than not it’s not the case. Your own errors and misunderstanding of how the E-collars work result in such problem. Let me help you with troubleshooting.


Are the collar receiver and remote transmitter charged?

This is one of the top reason why owners assume that the e-collar is not working. When the battery is empty in either device, it will not work at all! Please note that when the battery is low it also can cause problems that lead to inconsistent functioning.

Turn off the devices when you do not use them. Check the battery level before every training and you will never have troubles.

Every PetSpy E-collar has rechargeable batteries, all you need to do is plug them in when necessary. Like you do with your mobile phone.


Is either of the devices switched on?

This is a fairly common mistake. There can be cases when owners just forget to turn on one ofthe devices, collar or remote. To understand if it is switched on, there should usually be a light indicator on either of the devices. Otherwise, you can always test if the devices are switched on by testing the stimulation on yourself. Just remember to set it to the lowest level!


Is the receiver collar synced with the remote?

Sometimes, the stimulation in the e-collars is faulty because your receiver collar lost the synchronization with the remote. The fix is pretty simple. Just take your User Manual for e-collar and find the page with pairing the receiver collar with the remote. Follow all the steps and your devices will start to work for you and your dog again.

As for PetSpy, they go ahead and create operational videos for every model with a lot of useful information for owners and with synchronization process also. And you don’t need to read the instructions ten times to understand what to do next. Just watch the video and everything will be clear from the very beginning.


Does the e-collar fit onto the dog’s neck?

To ensure effective training and dog's safety, you must properly fit the collar on your dog. The collar must fit snugly to allow contact points to have a direct contact with the skin. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar strap and your dog's skin. The receiver should be positioned on the side of the neck. Such a position will keep the collar on the place.

By placing the collar under the dog’s chin there is always an opportunity that the collar can be dislodged by a head shake. Also, with the side position of the collar, you can always change the sides to prevent any injury or irritation of the dog’s neck.

It is quite important to place the collar on the upper part of the dog’s neck just below the ears. Such a position will prevent the collar from sliding and contact points will have good contact with the skin.


Is the level of stimulation enough for your dog?

Every E-collar has different levels of stimulation. There’s a reason for that. Not in every situation, the level you have is good for your dog. And if your dog stops reacting to the stimulation, just increase the level.

Below are the steps of how to choose the right level for your dog. But once again, one level can’t be universal for every situation.

How to determine the best level for your dog

  • If your dog does not have a visible reaction (like the twitching of ears or head), then the level that you have given is not enough.
  • Increase the level by 1 and send the stimulation.
  • Repeat till the dog reacts.


As you can see, there can be various reasons at which your e-collar does not seem to be working. But simple steps can do the trick and you will enjoy the training with your dog again.

Note from PetSpy: Should you require any assistance with your E-collar, please feel free to contact us at