Should I Use An Anti-Bark Collar For My Puppy?

Sep 19 2022

Should I Use An Anti-Bark Collar For My Puppy?

So, you are one of those happy owners of a puppy who is just starting their journey as pet-parents. And sooner or later, you will face the problem of excessive barking. But that's obvious as the only way for this little creature to get your attention is to start barking. In general, dogs make many different sounds: barking, howling, growling, whining, etc. Sometimes these sounds are appropriate, sometimes not very, and require a correction.

And here at PetSpy, we decided to answer whether it is appropriate to use an anti-bark collar on puppies.

What is the anti-bark collar?

An anti-bark collar is a device designed to reduce the barking of a dog. This is a small gadget that you put on your pet’s neck. Depending on the type, it can have different types of stimulation, such as vibration, shock, spray, or ultrasonic noise. We’ve detailed each in one of our previous articles: Bark collar. Make your dog polite. 

These devices are not intended to punish the pet, but when triggered by excessive barking, they cause mild discomfort, thereby distracting the dog from unwanted behavior. No matter which type of collar you use, all of them are not painful at all.


If you look at these PetSpy anti-bark collars, you will find that the stimulation increase gradually and have six operational steps. They ALWAYS will start from step 1 and change step by step as your dog continues to bark. Thus, it will begin with the weakest stimulation and gradually increase every 30 seconds unless the previous level causes the dog to stop barking.

On top of that, there is a protection mode which the collar enters after the six operational steps. This mode is open for 2 minutes. Then, the collar will restart from step 1. This mode saves your dog from overcorrection. It sounds as human and safe as possible!

How to choose one for my dog?

Before you even begin looking for an anti-bark collar, you need to know how to choose the best one for your dog. After all, the goal isn’t just to put a device on the pet but let them know when their barking is not appropriate.

Here are three significant marks to consider when choosing an anti-bark collar.

  1. Age of the dog. Your puppy should be at least 5-6 months old before any electronic device is presented to them.
  2. Weight of the dog. For better fitting, your puppy should weigh more than 8 lbs. 
    PetSpy anti-barks collars are suitable for all breeds from 8 - 140 lbs.
  3. Dog’s sensitivity level. Depending on it, you need to find the best solution for your pet. Some dogs are easily distracted only by sound or slight vibration, and others are stubborn and tolerant of mild stimulation. So, citronella or shock collar is the best solution here.
Is an anti-bark collar suitable for puppies?

Generally, all anti-bark collars are suitable for puppies from 5-6 months old. If you decide to get one for your furry friend, starting with vibration or sound collars is better, and they have mild stimulation and will not fear the pup.

If your puppy barks excessively, the first step you should take is to find out the reason for the barking. Consult with your vet or behavior trainer first. 

But whichever type of collar you choose, they are all 100% safe when used correctly. Even a shock collar will not harm your puppy and will keep your dog quiet.


To sum up, you should follow three main rules when deciding to get an anti-bark collar for your puppy. Take your time and wait until the puppy grows up. Please pay attention to the reasons for your dog's barking because this is the only way for them to communicate with you. And if you decide to start training with an anti-bark collar, make sure you choose the proper one for most effectiveness.