Dog Training Guide

Meet Your Dog Halfway

PetSpy e-collars help dog owners to train their dogs to become better canine citizens, but remember that dog training is a two-way street. You need to learn how to understand your dog so that you can communicate effectively. That is why PetSpy offers a FREE Dog Training E-book to help you get the most out of your training collar. 


How do E-collars work
Best age for e-collar training

Your dog`s first lesson
Collar fitting
Find the best stimulation level
Keep your dog from becoming collar-wise

Teaching basic obedience
The "Sit" command
The "Come" command
The "Stay" command
Proofing stage

Eliminating unwanted behavior
Jumping up
Trash raiding
Excessive barking

E-collar training for stubborn dogs

E-collar training for deaf dogs
Wearing the E-collar
Introducing the vibration
Getting the dog's attention (at home)
Getting the dog's attention (outdoors)

General tips