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XPro 3 Dog collar - Shock collar for 3 dogs

XPro 3 Dog collar - Shock collar for 3 dogs

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Petspy XPRO 3, a set of shock collar for 3 dogs, is an innovative and versatile training solution designed specifically for households with multiple dogs or professional trainers. Petspy XPRO 3 collar is equipped to handle shock collar for 3 dogs training, allowing you to manage and train three dogs simultaneously using a single remote control. This 3 dog collar system provides a convenient and efficient way to train your pets while saving time and effort.

Five key features of Petspy XPRO 3 dog collar set:

  1. Three Training Modes: Petspy XPRO 3 dog collar set offers three different training modes: beep, vibration, and static shock. This provides a variety of humane options to get your dogs' attention and correct unwanted behavior, ensuring that the training experience is tailored to your dogs' specific needs and temperaments.
  2. Triple Channel Remote Control: The 3 dog training collars come with a remote control that supports three channels, enabling you to train and manage three dogs at the same time. This feature is highly beneficial for multi-dog households and professional trainers alike.
  3. Adjustable Intensity Levels: Petspy XPRO 3 dog collar set allows you to adjust the intensity levels for both the static shock and vibration modes, ensuring a customized training experience for each dog. This flexibility ensures that the collar is effective yet gentle on your pets.
  4. Long-Range Control: Petspy XPRO 3 dog collar set features a remote control with a range of up to 1000 feet, providing you with the freedom to train your dogs in various environments. This long-range capability ensures that you can maintain control and communication with your dogs even during off-leash activities.
  5. Waterproof and Rechargeable: The remote dog training collar is designed to be waterproof and comes with rechargeable batteries for both the collar and remote control. This ensures that the collar will continue to work effectively in various weather conditions and environments, and you won't need to worry about constantly replacing batteries.

Advantages and benefits of Petspy XPRO 3 dog collar set:

  • Simultaneous Multi-Dog Training: The 3 dog collar system enables you to train three dogs at once, which is particularly useful for households with multiple pets or for professional trainers working with several dogs.
  • Personalized Training Options: The adjustable intensity levels and various training modes offered by Petspy XPRO 3 dog collar set allow for a customizable training experience, ensuring that each dog's unique needs and temperament are taken into account during training sessions.
  • Extended Range for Enhanced Communication: The long-range remote control of Petspy XPRO 3 remote dog training collar ensures that you can stay connected with your dogs even during off-leash activities, increasing safety and responsiveness during training.
  • Adaptable to Various Conditions: The waterproof and rechargeable design of Petspy XPRO dog training collars make it suitable for use in different environments and weather conditions, offering a flexible and reliable training tool for a wide range of situations.
  • Promotes Positive Behavioral Change: Consistent and proper use of the Petspy XPRO 3 dog collar set can lead to improvements in your dogs' behavior, fostering a more harmonious and enjoyable bond between you and your pets.

Petspy XPRO 3 Remote Dog Training Collar, with its capability to support shock collar for 3 dogs training and its innovative features, is an exceptional solution for dog owners with multiple pets or professional trainers. This 3 dog training collars system offers simultaneous training capabilities, personalized training options, extended range for enhanced communication, adaptability to various conditions, and promotes positive behavioral change, making it a valuable investment for those looking to effectively train them.


(1) Remote Transmitter, (3) Collar Receiver, (3) Colored Adjustable TPU Strap - OOO, (1) Lanyard, (1) Dual USB Charger, (1) Test Bulb, and (1) User Guide.


Proper fit of the collar is important: a collar worn for a too long time or placed too tight or loose on a pet's neck may cause skin irritation or damage. Avoid leaving the collar on dogs for more than 4 hours a day