Dog Ring Toy - Training ring for dog, 2 pack

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Introducing the Dog Ring Toy for Outdoor Training, an engaging and versatile toy designed to enhance your dog's physical and mental well-being. This dog ring toy is perfect for outdoor play, providing hours of entertainment and exercise for your dog. The ring for dog is not only fun but also an excellent training tool, making it a must-have for any dog owner.

Key Features of the Dog Ring Toy for Outdoor Training:

  1. Durable Material: The dog ring toy is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring durability and longevity. This tough construction can withstand hours of play, even with the most enthusiastic dogs.
  2. Aerodynamic Design: The ring for dog features an aerodynamic design, allowing it to glide smoothly through the air. This feature makes the toy suitable for long-distance fetch games, providing ample exercise and mental stimulation for your dog.
  3. Versatile Training Tool: The training ring can be used for various training exercises, such as fetch, catch, and retrieve. This versatility makes the dog fitness ring an essential tool for any dog training regimen.
  4. Bright Colors for Easy Visibility: The dog training toy comes in vibrant colors, making it easy for your dog to spot and track during outdoor play sessions. This high visibility ensures that your dog can always find the toy, even in tall grass or low light conditions.
  5. 2-Pack for Extra Fun: The Dog Fitness Ring Flying Toy comes in a convenient 2-pack, providing double the fun and engagement for your dog. The additional ring also ensures that you always have a backup toy on hand during training sessions.

Advantages and Benefits of the Dog Ring Toy for Outdoor Training:

The Dog Ring Toy for Outdoor Training offers numerous advantages and benefits for both you and your dog. The dog ring toy is a fantastic way to keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The ring for dog also provides an engaging training tool, helping to reinforce essential skills such as fetch, catch, and retrieve. The aerodynamic design of the training ring ensures smooth gliding through the air, making it suitable for long-distance fetch games. This feature provides ample exercise for your dog, encouraging them to burn off excess energy and stay fit. The bright colors of the dog training toy make it easy to spot and track during play, ensuring that your dog can always locate the toy and remain engaged.

The 2-pack of the Dog Ring Toy for Outdoor Training provides additional value and convenience, ensuring that you always have a backup toy on hand during training sessions. The durable construction of the dog ring toy guarantees long-lasting play, making it an excellent investment for any dog owner. PetSpy Dog Ring Toy for Outdoor Training is a versatile and engaging toy designed to promote physical and mental well-being for your dog. With its durable construction, aerodynamic design, and training versatility, this dog ring toy is an essential addition to any dog owner's training toolkit. Enhance your dog's outdoor play and training experience with the Dog Fitness Ring Flying Toy today!


Q: Can my dog chew the toy?
A: No, but your dog may bite the ring.Our dog fitness ring is made not for chewing but for biting, throwing, and floating with it.

Q: Does this toy float?
A: Yes, the ring can float on the water. It's very bright and well visible on the water surface, so your dog can easily locate and grab it.

Q: What activities can I use this ring for?
A: This toy is great for running, jumping, swimming, and pulling.

Q: Is the ring hard?
A: The ring is made from innovative EVA Material, soft enough to bite, and absolutely harmless for dogs' jaws. At the same time, this material is long-lasting and resistant to pulling.

Q: How should I store it?
A: The toy doesn't require special storage conditions. But it is not intended to be used unsupervised, and you should always put it away when the dog alone at home.

Q: What if my dog eats piece of fitness ring?
A: It’s best to avoid the situation all together with human supervision and taking the ring away once the dog starts to chew it. Take your pup to the vet as soon as possible to discuss treatment options if you think your pup has swallowed any foreign objects.


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