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N20 Shock collar for dogs - Vibrating dog shock collar

N20 Shock collar for dogs - Vibrating dog shock collar

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N20 dog shock collar is a modern solution for dog training, which combines the vibration and stimulation of sound in order to effectively correct your dog’s behavior. This innovative shock collar for dog offers an effective way to control unwanted behavior and improve the understanding between you and your pet. The vibrating dog collar is designed to meet the needs of various dog breeds, providing the optimal experience of teaching both you and your dog.

Key features of the N20 dog shock collar:

  1. Dog shock collar with sound and vibration stimulation: the shock collar for dog offers various modes of sound and vibration, which allows you to choose the most suitable teaching method for your pet. The dog shock collar provides sound signals for soft correction, while the vibration mode offers a more assertive approach to preventing unwanted behavior.
  2. Technological innovations: advanced technologies of the shock collar for dog ensure constant and reliable performance. The dog shock collar is equipped with a high -quality microprocessor, which exactly discovers the barking of your dog, providing timely and accurate correction. This technological innovation is distinguished by dog shock collars from other products in the market.
  3. Convenient and profitable package: a dog shock collar comes as a full training package, offering an excellent price ratio. The package includes a vibrating dog collar, remote control, user guide, and all the necessary accessories for the great training experience. This complete set of dog shock collars guarantees that you have everything you need to start training a dog.
  4. Customizable training modes: Shock collar for dog offers several training modes, which allows you to adapt the learning process to the specific needs of your dog. The vibrating training collar of the dog provides flexibility for switching between sound and vibration stimulation, guaranteeing that your pet receives the correct level of correction for the effective management of its behavior.
  5. Long-range dog shock collar remote control: a vibrating dog collar is supplied with remote control, which has an impressive range of up to 1000 feet. This great distance ability allows you to train your dog in large open spaces, guaranteeing that dog shock collars remain effective, even if your dog is at a big distance.
  6. Energy efficient dog shock collar design: a dog’s collar is equipped with an energy -saving design with a built -in waiting mode and automatic disconnection function. This energy -efficient design ensures that the vibrating training collar lasts longer between charges, which makes the shock collar for dog an economically effective and environmentally friendly training solution.

Advantages and Benefits of N20 dog shock collar:

N20 dog shock collars offer advanced and effective training for dog owners who want to correct the unwanted behavior of their pet. Separate modes of sound stimulation and vibration guarantee that the vibrating dog collar satisfies the individual needs of your pet, providing effective and individual training experience. Technological innovations present in dog shock collars distinguish it from other products, providing constant and reliable performance throughout the educational process. A convenient and profitable package of dog shock collars provides everything you need to start training your dog immediately.

Petspy N20 dog shock collar is an outstanding training solution for those who want to manage their dog behavior effectively using an innovation tool, a vibrating dog collar. Thanks to custom training modes, distant distance management and energy -efficient design, a shock collar for dog is a universal and practical solution for dog owners looking for effective and environmentally friendly training. The vibrating dog collar is a smart investment that will improve your dog’s behavior significantly and strengthen the connection between you and your pet.